Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some hightlights from the web this week

World Changing LA: Prevent a massive CARonary: Critical Mass
WorldChanginLA covers the Santa Monica Critical Mass ride (which I was planning on doing, but... next time, for sure)

LAist: using google map mashups to improve your hood
This is a fun idea I'd like to try for my West LA neighborhood. I just wish wayfaring had a better search function.

Daniel Hernandez: Dying at Trader Joe's

LA Times: LA's Most Violent Gangs
The list is out. The debate over whether such a list emboldens the enemy continues.

Green LA Girl: Los Angeles: Structure of a City Government
Siel reviews the League of Women Voters' free guide to LA's government.

The Homicide Report
The LA Times new blog about "every homicide that occurs in Los Angeles County" makes overwhelmingly clear what many have ignored for a long time: minorities die in LA almost every day in random murders.

California Greening: Report from Monterey County
Interesting report, for Green Party activists, about what is working in another part of the state.


Blogger Wes said...

After viewing the teach-in yesterday on GLOBAL WARMING, CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT I have come away with a very different viewpoint. In fact, I am not convinced that everything else we do will be for naught if we do not address the problems inherent in building operations and that starts with architects (where we have little control) and building codes (where we can start exerting controls if we act now. The webcast is archived, and will be viewable by Friday. I encourage all to view it, or at least the first 1.5 hrs (> 3 hrs. total). If you want to view it now, the downloads page has the charts used b Dr. Hansen and Edward Mazria (AIA).

7:53 AM  

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