Friday, October 20, 2006

Campaigns update

The LA Greens proposition recommendations are now up at

Also at the meeting Wednesday, the LA Greens made a substantial endorsement to Congressional candidate Byron De Lear and state Assembly candidate Peter Thottam to place an ad in the LA Weekly. Look out for it in one of the pre-election issues.

Lastly, there was an interesting post on Mayor Sam's Sister City -- a blog about Los Angeles politics -- attacking De Lear's opponent Howard Berman for staying in Washington rather than face the voters and defend his continuing support for the President and the war in Iraq. Here's a quote:
So what's the rub with Berman? Basically the argument is that he supports George Bush. This wouldn't be such a big deal if President Bush would have been right about... Well anything. Berman supported the war in Iraq, but more importantly still does. (The only California democrat who still does) Now I am no right nor left wing-nut but I would have to travel pretty deep into Orange County to find someone who is so blinded by their faith in "W" that they can't see we are screwed. Or, I suppose I could just go to Howard Berman's office.

Now Berman, who as I mentioned earlier has apparently not gotten the memo that there is an election coming up or that he's in it, is getting hit from the left by Congressional Candidate Byron DeLear. DeLear, who according to FEC records has poured nearly $15,000.00 of his own money into his campaign, makes no bones about how he supports the troops... He wants to keep them alive at home. DeLear also points out that Berman supports Bush so much that he even proposed to repeal a constitutional amendment to permit Bush to run for another term.

My beef with Berman is simpler. He should care enough about his district to campaign, to explain himself... If he can. How can he continue to support an obviously failed policy regarding Iraq? What has he done to hold this government accountable?