Sunday, February 04, 2007

Community organizing in the Miracle Mile

still from the film Miracle MileLA Green Denise Munro Robb (the comedian and former City Council candidate) has been organizing in her Miracle Mile neighborhood on the basic issue of public safety. Because parking is so limited on the apartment-filled blocks, residents are often forced to park several blocks away. (I have the same problem where I live, in West LA; if I get home after 9 o'clock, most people seem to be settled in for the evening and all the spots are taken.)

It seems that in the Miracle Mile, criminals have started targeting these residents. So rather than go Jimmy Hollywood-style vigilante, Denise and her neighbors organized a community meeting at the El Rey. More than 100 people showed up, and they got the attention of City Councilman Tom LaBonge and local media (including this Fox 11 news story). Way to go, Denise!

*Photo from Miracle Mile, the movie*


Blogger dmr said...

Hi there! I just wanted to add that the reason parking has gotten much worse is because the homeowners north and south of our apartment district created special parking permits that are different than ours. We live in district 78. The homeowners created district 36 and 41 - in order to keep tenants out of their hood. There are no businesses around them, so it was strictly to keep us out!

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