Monday, January 29, 2007

Living Wage: Go Ahead, Hotels. Make Our Day.

A recent poll (like, veeeery recent) has been conducted of likely voters in L.A. on the question of the LAX-area hotel workers' living wage. If it *does* go on the ballot, would it pass?

Turns out, yes. In a landslide.

"A new poll just released by Working Californians shows that by a 74% to 23% margin, Los Angeles likely voters support the living wage ordinance passed by the City Council. If this issue is on a special city election ballot this spring, the likelihood of the $9.30 per hour (plus $1.25 per hour to be contributed to health care benefits) is likely to be upheld according to the polling memo...

The poll was conducted of 800 voters in the City of Los Angeles who vote in municipal elections. The numbers are quite strong across many different demographic, geographic, and political groups and a majority (51%) say they have decided to definitely support it, while another 22% are probable supporters or leaning for it. Only 14% say they will definitely oppose it and only 3% are undecided."

Translation: a slam-effing-dunk for the workers. You think the hotels know this? I bet they do.

Man, I almost HOPE the hotels stick to their guns and bring this to the ballot, 'cause it'll be so fun to watch 'em cry in May.

Come on, hotels, I'm daring ya!


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