Friday, June 30, 2006

Most corrupt city in CA?

I've been watching the story of Vernon's corrupt city officials since it was first reported in the LA Times early this year. The LA Times has apparently chosen it as one of its pet causes, which is good, because a city that has not had an election since 1980 is disturbing. Here is a bit from the latest story on Vernon from the Times:
Vernon, an industrial town of only 91 residents, has refused to count the ballots since the April 11 election, saying three challengers and their roommates were not residents and should not have been allowed to register to vote or run for office.

Attorneys for the city have argued that the ballots need to remain unopened and uncounted to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of the city and against it.

Vernon fought for months to keep the challengers out of the election, the city's first contested race in 25 years. But a judge said they should be allowed to run.

A bill introduced by Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally (D-Compton), now stalled in the Legislature, would give the county registrar of voters control of Vernon's elections for the next two years. But the bill has garnered only modest interest, with some legislators saying they don't want to delve into the town's politics while court cases are pending.
I hope the legislature does not drop this issue.


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