Thursday, May 25, 2006

News from the South Central Farm

Julia Buttefly HillFrom Mike Feinstein, 5/24 @ 2:50pm:
I just came back from the farm

we had a press conference there this morning at 11am (singer Ben Harper, actresses Darryl Hannah and Laura Dern, NRDC director Joel Reynolds and Green Party members Linda Piera-Avila, Byron DeLear and myself, followed by Joan Baez, Julia Butterfly Hill [above] and John Quigley speaking from up above us in the giant walnut tree on the farm) [video]

now the LAPD helicopters are overhead and the farmers have barricaded themselves inside the farm

Baez, Hill and Quigley are all tree-sitting on the farm at this moment

we don't know if/when the LAPD will try and force their way in

there is a vigil planned at 7pm tonight outside of the fence around the farm - GO THERE TONIGHT IF YOU CAN

for now, no one else will go in or out

we don't know what will happen


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