Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No times eight

At nearly midnight on election day, every proposition is failing. Although I did not subscribe to the philosophy that one should vote no on every issue as a principled stand against the governor or his special election, I do see the shut out as a positive result. But the result is still mixed. As the governor's ballot measures are going down to narrow or wide defeat--being obliterated and whacked, as Larry Mantle said--the pharmaceutical industry is also a winner tonight.

I was alarmed when I saw the early results, but apparently absentee voters really are much more conservative than the electorate. And despite some predictions, there was no rain today in Los Angeles.

There is one Green running in Los Angeles County, for Pasadena Community College Governing Board (the seat is non-partisan). Hilary Bradbury-Huang is trailing 52-48, although it is too early to call.


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