Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Green revolution in Orange County?

Vote GreenFrom the Tiritilli campaign:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Green Party candidate scores in Orange County 48th congressional Special Election primary, predicts ‘Green revolution' in run-off

SANTA ANA (Oct. 4, 2005 / 11:05 p.m.)– Green Party candidate Bea Tiritilli – running a surprising strong race despite her party's tiny registration in conservative Orange County – late Tuesday night found herself among the top 10 finishers in the Special Election primary to replace former Congressman Christopher Cox in the 48th District.

As of late Tuesday night, it appeared none of the 17 candidates had won more than 50 percent of the vote, which forces a Special Election run-off Dec. 6. The top vote-getter in each party qualifies for the run-off, including Tiritilli, who was running 9th with more than double the Green Party's .56 percent registered voters in Orange County. She was leading six Republicans, a Libertarian and one Democrat.

"I look forward to meeting with my campaign team and working on a strategy to promote a peaceful and Green revolution in Orange County and the United States," said Tiritilli, 42, a high school teacher who made opposition to the Iraq War and social
justice a major part of her grassroots campaign.

"We must bring our soldiers home from Iraq. That's our first and most imperative priority. We need to defeat the mind-set that war is the only method to combat our differences with other nations. Next, we must overturn the pathetic environmental policies this administration has designed to pander to the corporations. This includes starting fresh with an energy policy which does not subsidize big business at the expense of conservation and small alternative-energy businesses," said Tiritilli late Tuesday night.

"We also need to focus on sane immigration reform that doesn't blame undocumented immigrants as scapegoats for everything that ails our society. Instead, we must take a creative approach to examining and acting upon the roots of undocumented immigration, which often means economic desperation brought on by American foreign policies that favor corporations at the expense of the poor and dwindling middle class," Tiritilli added.
The OC Register, which went to bed earlier, notes: "But all of tonight’s results will be unofficial and the Registrar will have more absentee ballots to count tomorrow. Absentee ballots received today will not be counted until tomorrow."


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