Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Republicans stood for something (it was a long time ago)

Roosevelt IslandAn e-mail from my girl Erin of Erin's Library:
Theodore Roosevelt Island, nestled between Arlington and the District, was one of my favorite places when I lived in DC. I only went there once, but I saw it whenever I was down by the river, or crossing the Potomac, or taking the shuttle to the airport. It was reassuring in its lush brilliance. So I was pissed off when I saw the news that Rep. Pombo, Chairman of the House Resources Committee, has hit on the idea of selling parts of it and other National Park land for development. What a disgrace to the memory of one of my favorite Republicans. Or as a spokesman for the National Parks Conservation Association says:

"Imagine taking the island named after the greatest conservation president of all time and turning it into condo developments?" said Craig Obey. "I don't know what even to say about that."

Today the Washington Post reports that the release of the document with this "brainstorming" idea has caused a veritable uproar. Safe to say, it probably won't happen. In fact, Pombo probably meant to create all this fervor just as a way of showing the relative desirability of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. His spokesman, Brian Kennedy, said the list should not have become public. Now that it has, he said, it should be considered less a proposal than a theoretical exercise.

Um, sure, shouldn't have become public. What a scare tactic. Teddy Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave.


Blogger erin said...

The Sacramento Bee doesn't much like this either: - I hope readers in nearby Tracy take a hint and toss out Pombo in 2006.

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