Monday, July 11, 2005

Béa Tiritilli for Congress

Béa Tiritilli -- Green Party candidate for the 48th C.D. (Orange County)

The date for this election has not yet been announced, as Rep. Cox has not yet been confirmed as SEC head. But there is no doubt that this will happen eventually. The latest clarification about the process is that the top vote-getter from each party heads to a run-off if nobody wins more than 50% outright in the first (open-primary) round.

From Béa's platform:

The War in Iraq

I am vehemently opposed to this war, which was justified via lies about WMDs. Are Iraqis better off as a result of this war? Some have benefitted; but what about the thousands of innocent civilians who were killed or maimed by U.S.-made (and used) weapons? Donald Rumsfeld has said the insurgency in Iraq could last twelve more years (or perhaps he meant to say when Iraq’s oil supplies run dry). Because we got Iraqis into this mess, it wouldn’t be fair to leave immediately without first helping the country rebuild while assuring Iraqi civilian safety to the extent possible. Because Bush and Rumsfeld are in no hurry to leave, congress and the senate need to act. I propose a six-month timeline to phase out U.S. troops, who should be replaced by U.N. peacekeepers. The U.N., in turn, should stay for only a limited time, until Iraq has trained sufficient peace officers of its own.


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