Monday, July 11, 2005

False imprisonment

Cyrus Kar
Cyrus Kar, the naturalized American held in Iraq, whom I mentioned in passing in a recent post, has been freed by the U.S:

In the American military's first detailed statement about the matter on Sunday, a spokesman defended Mr. Kar's detention, saying that he had represented "an imperative security threat to Iraq" and that his case was resolved "appropriately."

The statement said a panel of military officers had reviewed the case of Mr. Kar, a naturalized American who was born in Iran and served in the Navy, allowing him to testify and call witnesses in his own defense.

"This case highlights the effectiveness of our detainee-review process," the spokesman, Brig. Gen. Don Alston of the Air Force, said in the statement. "We followed well-established procedures, and Mr. Kar has now been properly released."

...Mr. Kar's lawyers were never allowed to make contact with him during his detention and heard nothing about the review panel despite dozens of attempts to reach the military and other government agencies on his behalf.

Hmmm... So after his story gets in the L.A. Times and the N.Y. Times, he is suddenly released, even though the military continues to call him an "imperative security threat". This begs the question, how many innocent people are being held by the U.S. just because they don't have anybody to complain to the media for them?


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