Thursday, May 19, 2005

A few Green Party things...

I finally made it to the Los Angeles Greens meeting last night. There is really a great vibe in that group. The LA Greens and other area Greens are going to have a presence at the "Action Day for a Better California" rally next Wednesday organized by the California Teachers Association.

More Green Election News:

From GreensWeek (not yet updated online) comes news that two Greens were elected in Oregon on Tuesday:


Pacific Green Party candidate Matt Donohue was elected to the Corvallis (509J) School Board on May 17, defeating rightwing
Republican John Turman (49.67% to 39.18 %) and marking the 4th local victory for the party in Benton County. There are currently two Greens on the Corvallis City Council and one on the Benton County Soil & Water Board. Local Greens note that Donohue and his campaign manager, Corvallis City councilor George Grosch, ran an old-fashioned, shoe-leather, phone-calling grassroots effort.

In Jackson County, Green Party candidate Mat Marr was just elected to Ashland District 5 School Board. Marr, who is 24 years old and considered a rising star in the Green Party, successfully unseated incumbent Chuck Keil, president of the Jackson County Democratic Party Coordinating Committee.


One of the coolest things on the agenda for the Green Party of California plenary this weekend is a little consent calendar item to support State Senator Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica)'s single-payer health care bill (SB840). I don't know what the chances are for this, but this seems like an awesome bill. For more info, check out Health Care for All.


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