Tuesday, May 03, 2005

No. 2 in the Axis of Evil

Read this article by Christopher Hitchens in Slate, because he is right about the horrors of North Korea, and absolutely correct that we should accept refugees. Read the article, but try to forget that Hitchens promoted (and still promotes) the war in Iraq, the war that was based on lies and is tying down our military and making it harder to prevent injustice anywhere else in the world. Read the article, but skip the intro and the conclusion, in which Hitchens meekly imagines that the President is being brave by speaking ill of North Korea:

How extraordinary it is, when you give it a moment's thought, that it was only last week that an American president officially spoke the obvious truth about North Korea. In point of fact, Mr. Bush rather understated matters when he said that Kim Jong-il's government runs "concentration camps."


Bravo to President Bush, anyway, for his bluntness.
Hitchens wants to invade and liberate North Korea. One hopes he wouldn't entrust that task to our current President.


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