Sunday, September 18, 2005

Initiative endorsements

I attended the state Green Party gathering this yesterday and today in Oakland, Calif. But between a busy schedule and a cold, I wasn't able to post anything from the scene. I plan to write up some news and reflections here over the next few days.

To whet your appetite, here are the just-released official endorsements by the state party for the Nov. 8 special election.

Prop. 73: Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. No.

Prop. 74: Public School Teachers. Waiting Period for Permanent Status. Dismissal. Initiative Statute. No.

Prop. 75: Public Employee Union Dues. Restrictions on Political Contributions. Employee Consent Requirement. Initiative Statute. No.

Prop. 76: State Spending and School Funding Limits. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. No.

Prop. 77: Redistricting. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. No Position.

Prop. 78: Discounts on Prescription Drugs. Initiative Statute. No.

Prop. 79: Prescription Drug Discounts. State-Negotiated Rebates. Initiative Statute. Yes.

Prop. 80: Electric Service Providers. Regulation. Initiative Statute. No Position.

The decisions were based on a poll of county chapters. Props 73, 75, 76, 78 and 79 were unanimous. Prop 77 leaned No, while Prop 80 leaned Yes.


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