Sunday, August 07, 2005

GP of LA County bylaws changes

I just got back from the Green Party of LA County's council meeting, where the council passed some bylaws revisions, including a big change from a 17-seat council with 5 large supervisorial districts to a 44-seat council with state senate districts. This change takes effect with the next County Council elections almost a year from now.

Another change is moving to the use of proportional representation in electing delegates to state meetings.

These changes were brought after the state meeting in Sylmar, in which the county council faced a lot of criticism for not being representative enough of the geographical and ideological diversity of the county.

In a recent email sent to Green Party activists nationwide, former (and likely future) Green Party of California gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo singled out LA County and one of its council members as a target in his campaign to influence county councils through next year's elections. I hope he follows through with that plan without resorting to personal attacks against people he disagrees with. Then we should have a diverse, well-represented county. (And I may run for a seat.)


Blogger Rahul said...

You should run. You seem more informed than at least 90% of the populace, and you're obviously interested in pushing the platform forward. Running for office is the next logical step.

10:05 PM  

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